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Another year for the books! And what a year it was. The goal I made for myself in 2020 was to make more noise and it is one I continue to pursue. So in the spirit of that, I hope you'll indulge me again this year by giving the list below a gander. Click some links! Learn more details! The list is just of the headlines!

Thank you in advance!

(2020 RECAP, if you missed it or wanted a reminder)

1. Shot several more fun spots with the talented team at TSM

2. Wrapped on the film Sunset Drive

3. Now Represented by Coast To Coast for Voiceover Work - Updated VO Demos (With Music!)

4. Raechel Zerzynski Directed Music Video for “AMPM” by the band Giant Waste of a Man

5. Strangers begins it’s festival screening run at DAM Short Film Festival + QUEER HERE CINIMA

6. The short film Take Me With You which I’m in and co-produced had additional festival screenings.

+ East Coast Screening

7. Guested on The Eddie Conversation Podcast (available wherever you pod) -OR- Watch Video!

8. Featured on Shout Out LA!

9. Booked English Dubbing Work on Netflix’s The Girls At The Back

10. Joined SAG-AFTRA

11. Wrote and performed Sketch Comedy in front of a live audience. - Watch Video Here

12. New Headshots with Kaye Williams

13. Co-Wrote and Starred in “A Tailored Tale” as part of the LA 48 Hour Horror/Comedy Film Fest

14. Booked a second Netflix English Dubbing Job Dec 2022 (More details to come in due time)


Keep checking back to the website for the following posts on:

- Friends and Colleagues I had the joy of getting to support and celebrate throughout 2022

- 2023 Goals (Professional and Personal)

- Further updates on how 2023 is progressing. (Bookings, Screenings, Promotions, etc...)

And please consider sharing this site and/or links to my materials and social media with others who you think might be interested. You never know!

Wishing you and your's an Amazing 2023 - Clayton

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