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Eddie is a man of many talents. Writing, Directing, Script Supervising, and as you'll see/hear, Podcasting. I was initially asking for tips on how to start my own podcast when he then invited me over to not only show me how he does his own, but also to have me on as a guest.

I hope you'll enjoy and check out the links and time-stamped chapters below if you'd like to skip ahead to any particular topic.

Also, give Eddie some love and check out his first feature film (which I make a small appearance in) It's What's On The Inside on Amazon Prime!

Eddie talks with Clayton Stocker Myers, actor living in Los Angeles, CA. Clayton reflects on his time as an actor before moving to Los Angeles, how to process getting awards, finding thy niche, how to mess up a burrito, manifestation, how to podcast, and much more!!

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0:00 - intro

1:11 - history of Clayton Stocker Myers before LA

30:07 - winning awards and how to process it

35:46 - what caused Clayton's move to Los Angeles & playing a trickster type

1:06:34 - favorite foods and recommendations in LA

1:13:23 - Eddie's niche

1:17:44 - thoughts on manifesting

1:41:52 - what is a good story

1:50:39 - podcasting - how and why and picking guests

2:15:45 - outro


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