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CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT THE #CLAYTONINSHORTS PAGE AND WATCH SOME SHORT FILMS! While I've been fortunate enough to have been able to work as an actor with some growing consistency through the years, it's occurred to me that a fair amount of the productions I've been a part of have never really found a platform to be presented properly. Though I recognize that I'm not a substantial platform myself, I do hold many of these projects close to me for the sake of the people I met while working on them and the experiences shared while collaborating to tell these stories with one another along the way. So, even though I have a Filmography page dedicated to highlighting past works with trailers and links to some of my collaborators, I decided to created the Clayton In Shorts page to showcase specific short films you can view in their entirety. These short films vary in length, production quality, budget, and even performance value (even on my own part). That having been said, I've provided a brief summary, and occasionally lengthy explanation as to why I've chosen to share each production, as well as a link to each film's IMDb should you care to look up anyone else's involvement with the production. As I mentioned, my work varies. I'd be bothered by that if not for the fact that I can personally see my own growth in my craft along the way. I am the lead role in some of these. I am a supporting role in others. Ultimately, these are just some of the projects I look back on with fondness and feel that perhaps others may find entertaining as well. I hope you do. And if so, that you'll let me know. There are some truly talented and passionate people both in front of and behind the camera on each one of these films and I'd love to point you to every individual. For now, I hope you'll visit the IMDb pages in the meantime.

Thank you for taking the time to check them out in advance, Clayton

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