In the Summer of 2013, Clayton was awarded the Best Lead Actor in a Feature Film at the Action On Film Festival. This marks his second Best Actor Award from AOF, the first being received for his work in Heaven Burns in 2010. The above video is an interview with the festival's founder Del Weston


Upon the film's completion and successful screening at the Action On Film Festival in CA, Clayton and Producer, Stacie Gentzler were invited on to the Maryland-centric program to discuss their working on this Baltimore-based independent feature film.

"Clayton Stocker Myers is the highlight as Marty, who is conflicted over his loyalty to his brother and his concern about the danger of the plan. Myers brings depth to the role and shows range as the pair take things too far."
- Patrick Foley - UK FILM REVIEW
"....razor sharp acting from the four main actors, along with Clayton Stocker Myers in a brief but spot-on appearance as Lenny Bruce’s ghost."
- Tampa Bay Underground Film Festival ​
"...He (Clayton) showed up on set having done a ton of research on Lenny Bruce, and had already crafted a character with layers job really became capturing what ended up a clinic in scene work by two really good actors firing on all cylinders."
- Lonnie Martin 
(writer/director of The Last of the Manson Girls)
"Myers very deftly navigates Ryan's character, presenting a young man who's honestly desperate to leave anything that would seem jaded in his life behind for pursuit of his more legitimate goals..." - Mindenki (Sing) of <-- Full Review of Heaven Burns ​
"From the leading roles straight through to the supporting, the acting of this movie surpassed a good lot of "A list" films I've seen recently." - JT of <-- Full Review of Heaven Burns 
"Clayton Myers’ Bobby – is also the product of brilliant choices, flawlessly executed" - Tim Treanor of the DC Theatre Scene reviewing Maryland Ensemble Theatre's production of David Mamet's American Buffalo

Photo Credit: Joe Williams

“…An incredibly natural, bright, captivating, and kind actor” “a pleasure to work with” “…Can trust completely to make wonderful choices when given freedom.”
- Aaron Champagne
(writer/director of Shrapnel 2019) 

Photo Credit: Sara Zirm Photography

"Clayton is a very introspective guy by nature, and that reflects in his work. Any good actor does his amount of research, but Clayton goes above and beyond and takes his roles to heart." -
Stacie Gentzler (Margin Call)  - Producer & Production Manager

Photo Credit: Tim Rifenberg Photography