Synopsis – Sometimes relationships move fast. Jane has only known Steve for just shy of two months. So, is she crazy-in-love? Or has she just gone crazy by getting tangled up with this trickster? 


Written by – Alex Holm


Directed by – Alex Holm


Clayton Plays – Steve


Cast Highlights – Julia WheatleyCasey Gardner



Synopsis – Vincent, a bashful introvert, forms an uncanny relationship with a jacket he found under a cafe bench as he struggles to return it to its rightful owner; a person he believes is the woman of his dreams.


Written by – Sergio M Vaccaro


Directed by – Sergio M Vaccaro


Clayton Plays – Vincent


Cast Highlights – Amanda ViolaLily RIchards, Matthew Newman



Synopsis – Counterculture journalist Paul Krassner embarks on an LSD tinged investigation of the last of Manson's disciples: Brenda McCann, Sandra Good, and Lynette "Squeaky" Fromme in order to find out if the Manson Murders were a CIA conspiracy.

Written by – Lonnie Martin


Directed by – Lonnie Martin


Clayton Plays – Lenny Bruce 


Cast Highlights – Elliot KashnerCindy Marie Martin, Jen Bevan, Sarah Taurchini



The Synopsis –  Ryan is a good, but underprivileged kid with a lot of wealthy friends, and all he wants to do is make enough money to get out of Baltimore and go to a good college to study architecture. But he has a secret. The quickest way he sees to achieve this dream, is to earn money by pushing drugs… and he’s almost there.

On July 29th, 2010 Clayton accepted the award for Best Lead Actor in a Feature Film at the Action On Film Festival in Pasadena, California, for his portrayal of Ryan in “Heaven Burns”.

Clayton plays - Ryan


Directed by - Justin Beckenheimer


Cast Highlights - Whitney NielsenSpencer Garrett,  Jan David SoutarGreg Bell, Joe WelkieApril Sigman,

Most recently, Heaven Burns has become available to view through Free for anyone who already has an Amazon Prime account, but also available for rental at $2.99 and purchase at $9.99 for those without a Prime account.



The Synopsis – A widowed Maine hunter, his drug abusing daughter, her drug dealing lover, a self-centered junior attorney, and his brother-in-law soon to be father. In less than forty-eight  hours, each one of these individuals are about to gain new perspective on what truly matters to them. But the lesson learned won’t be an easy one.

The Guide wrapped on principal photography in late December and after having made it’s rounds in the festival circuit received a nationwide distribution deal through Monarch Home Entertainment.


Directed by – John Meyers


Clayton Plays – Greg


Cast Highlights – Don ScribnerStephanie LeoneNicholas RussellJan-David SotourGavin Peretti




The Synopsis – Hard Headed Productions set out to make a modern retelling of Hitchcock’s classic “Rear Window”. Only in this interpretation, the window is not an actual window anymore. It is instead, your own cell phone. A web designer with too much time on his hand after breaking several bones in his leg and ankle, creates a new application which allows him the ability to view the world through anyone’s cell phone camera at any time. This invasion of privacy, though all fun and games at first, results in him seeing something he wasn’t meant to, and then after his interfering, becomes an even larger problem than he could have originally imagined.

Privacy screened in front of industry professionals at the Cannes Film Market on May 16th during the 2012 Cannes Film Festival. It taken there by the distribution company Camelot Entertainment and secured a deal that will result in the film’s world wide distribution.

Clayton plays – Toby


Directed by – Jörg Ihle


Cast Highlights – Jonathan ShepardGina BuschBrenton Duplessie



The Synopsis – This reenactment covers details of the events that occurred in the days leading up to the  assassination of one of America’s greatest Presidents. It was adapted primarily from Bill O’Reilly’s book by the same name and is narrated by Tom Hanks.

Killing Lincoln made it’s debut on The National Geographic Channel on February 12, 2013. It has since then been aired on several other networks and will be available for purchase before the end of the year.

Directed by – Adrien Moat

Clayton Plays – Henry Safford

Cast Highlights – Tom Hanks, Billy Campbell, Jesse Johnson, Sara Eshleman,



The Synopsis – A man obsessed with his ex-girlfriend has a catch-up dinner with an engaged couple, but the night ends with him doing something he may regret.

Since the film’s completion, it has has screened privately for investors, at the Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival, and the 35th Annual Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival. All screenings so far have been met with warm reception and positive review.


Written by – Mathew Kim


Directed by – Mathew Kim


Clayton Plays – James


Cast Highlights – Emily FleischerZachary Le VeyAdrea TeasdaleKate Simmons



“Nimrod” was written and directed by USC graduate Chris Stout and was shot entirely in Wilmington Delaware.


The Synopsis - Jason will do anything to get Leisa’s attention. But when he finally gets his chance  it becomes apparent that even given how much he cares about her, he might just not know her as well as he thought. As a result they’re childhood friendship is shattered, forcing the two of them to discover for themselves if love can ever be trusted.

Nimrod recently made it’s festival debut at the 2014 Action On Film Festival and since then has become available for free viewing on it’s Facebook page *link below

Clayton plays - Mikey Jones


Directed by - Christopher Stout


Cast Highlights - Johnathan ZungreChristi Horton,



Synopsis – The Civil War is well known for many of it's famous battles. However, there were many skirmishes that branched away from the main battlefield. This film tells the story of those lost souls who found their way to to the outskirts where the fight wasn't just for their lives or the shape of their Country, but for their very souls.


Written by – Benjamin Joseph Baker


Directed by – Benjamin Joseph Baker


Clayton Plays – Captain Daniel James Lindsey


Cast Highlights – Patrick BoyerRyan Klingmeyer, Ed Mantell

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