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STRANGERS is a short film written and directed by Zheng Nathan Nie. Nate and I met one another while in attendance at the Dam Short Film Festival in 2018 and stayed in touch through the years. He was one of the first people to welcome me to town upon my move to LA from the east coast and I felt honored that he invited me to be the lead character in this very personal story. It was equally surreal to find that we would be returning to the Dam Short Film Fest together, albeit virtually, to participate in a Q&A with the festival Co-Founder and Moderator Anita Lanier. We were delighted to share in the conversation with fellow filmmaker Stefani Zabner (On The Rocks) and had a great time as I've ultimately come to anticipate regarding anything to do with this festival.

I hope you enjoy the conversation in the video below if you do indeed decide to view it. And if you happen to have a short film you've made and feel particularly proud of, I can't encourage you enough to at least submit it to this festival!


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