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"How are you Not SAG already?!!!" - This has been asked of me a lot throughout the years. Be it due to my 50+ credits on IMDb alone (not a complete list of my work by far) or the quality and range of what materials and footage I've accumulated along the way. Either way, that question can finally be put to rest. Suffice to say, it has been a long time coming. I began this journey towards being a professional working actor in earnest as soon as I graduated from high school. The path from those early years to now shared a wide variety of challenges and truly gratifying experiences. Each of those experiences have helped to shape me to be a better actor, artist, and person along the way. I'm optimistic that this most recent step will represents a milestone of those accumulated experiences and will prove to be yet another gratifying step even further towards my growth.

So as the title to this entry has already stated, I'll let it be known here that I have officially joined the Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists! I am of course humbled by the company that I'll be keeping and the history of this valued organization, but beyond that, I'm truly excited by the possibilities and opportunities that believe this development will present for me in the long run. I remain grateful for all of the work that I've been able to do up to this point, as well as for everyone I've been able to collaborate with along the way. On top of that, I'm grateful for you if you're reading this. I won't pretend my passion and curiosity don't keep me going on their own. The support from friends, family, and the ever growing audience and their vocal support makes a world of difference!

Until the next update, Clayton


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