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Updated: Apr 12

I had been in the process of researching photographers to collaborate with on my latest headshots when a good friend reached out to let me know that she unfortunately was going to have to reschedule her own fast approaching headshot session but wondered if I might be interested in filling her initial time slot. This felt rather serendipitous to me and after making sure I could swing the cost, I reached out to the supportive staff at Michael Roud Photography. Keeping in mind the quick turnaround, To be honest, I was struggling with my confidence in front of the camera at first. But with Michael's help, we found our collaborative groove and I feel like we really did capture several of the looks/types I was aiming for. If you, or someone you know happen to be in the market for new shots, I would surely recommend checking out Michael's website - . I will admit that the price point may be a little intimidating for some, but I hope you'll agree that based on the five headshots we ended up with (Above) and the other images presented on his website, the quality speaks for itself.

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