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Hi, I'm a Clayton!

I'm a two-time award winning SAG-AFTRA actor with multiple years of experience acting in Theatre, Television, Film, and performing Improv with my troupe PONCH


While I’ve proven my aptitude for bringing a wide range of characters to life, in doing so I've also learned my NICHE is playing Tricksters with Devout Love. And while I’m by no means limited to it, I know that I shine brightest when breathing life to those characters and telling those stories. 


I recently relocated to Los Angeles with intent to walk the line of Faith and Fear, continue to grow in my craft, as well as tackle new and exciting life experiences along the way. 


My love for the collaborative nature involved with this industry is only further fueled by my desire to tell good story well, and help others do the same.  


If you'd like to keep up with me or any of my projects, or are interested in the possibility of working

together, feel free to reach out anytime. 

Check out the NEWS section to keep up to date with my latest projects!



                 PROJECTS INCLUDE:



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