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Natale a tutti i costi (The Price of Family) Official Poster:

I'm thrilled to have been invited back to the studios of VSI to contribute my voice to the English dubbing of another great Netflix production and be guided through the process by the wonderful dubbing director Page Ridgeway (whom I first worked with on the English dubbing of the Netfilx Series, The Girls at the Back). So, if you are looking to keep on some holiday spirit into 2023, check out The Price of Family. And if you happen to watch with the English dubbing on, keep your ears open for my voice during a scene at the bank around 1:05:43 and a dinner scene as well.

Links to the film's IMDb and Netflix pages are below, as well as an Official Trailer

The Price of Family was written and directed by Giovanni Bognetti and stars the lovely talents of Christian De Sica, Angela Finocchiaro, Dharma Mangia Woods, and Claudio Colica to name a few. The Synopsis: When Alessandra and Emilio move to the city leaving their parents Carlo and Anna alone, life changes for everyone. In a few months the kids forget about their parents: a few phone calls, missed birthdays, missed funerals. But the last straw for these parents is knowing their kids won't be around for Christmas.


Watch on Netflix - and listen for my voice as the Bank Manager (among a few other's) if watching with the English Dubbing on.

IMDb -

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