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Updated: Jan 23

Poster Design by - Annie Fuentes + Monnie Aleahmad

Synopsis - After her car breaks down in a rundown and creepy part of town, a woman must find the only way back on the road and away from her tormentors, by overcoming the true cause of her breakdown, herself.

The journey to making this entry into the LA 48 Hour Film Project was sparked by the enthusiasm of Eileen Chase expressing desire to participate, regardless to if that meant working with strangers, or even recording a herself doing a monologue. That spark ignited the interests of myself and my good friend Monnie Aleahmad and before I knew it, the three of us were making loose plans to make "something" happen. That decision was acted on mere hours before the submission deadline and hence our 48 Hour Film Team's name of The Last Minute Moguls was entered into the competition.

From there, we would be fortunate enough to round up a collection of truly talented and generously collaborative artists who would contribute from all angles in making our film come together. Almost everyone involved would end up taking on a role as an actor (regardless of their background), but even despite the delegated credit, everyone involved was instrumental in the brainstorming / writing process, location scouting, craft services, on the spot re-writes, costumes, props, and let's face it, general morale. After the whirlwind of a weekend taking the short film that would be called "Breakdown" from conception, through creation, and editing to completion, it's a film I'm proud to have been a part of. Not just for the fact that it now sparks joyful memories of being part of producing something safely amidst a quarantine culture, but more so the fact that in a pinch, in a hurry, talented people with like-minded aspirations to tell a story came together and did just that.

Breakdown is not a perfect film. But I do believe that it is a good one, given it's limitations. I believe it's a good one despite them. It tells an existential story of how each of us might benefit from accepting the need to take a moment, process the many thoughts (voices) in our heads, and find the resolve to keep moving forward. In 48 hours time, I'm happy with the creative way we were able to convey that journey.


CAST + CREW - Links Guide To IMDb Pages*

Eileen Chase - Actor

Monnie Aleahmad - Actor, Producer, Director, Co-Editor

Sandrene Mathews - Writer, Actor, Editor

Mason Greer - Actor

Zac Cantin - Actor

Annie Fuentes - Director of Cinematography

Skyler Barrett - Color Correction


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