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There are so many creative mediums I both admire and dabble in. I sketch, mess around with my acoustic guitar and am even prone to scribbling a poem or two. However, the reason I am especially drawn to acting is its collaborative nature. The opportunity to not only contribute, but to feed and feed off of the contributions of others until we’ve created something for an audience and consequently, oftentimes ourselves. 

So, after many years encouragement by others, I’ve begun to seriously dig into my writing and developing several of my ideas to either be pitched, or simply made independently. 

An example of such an experience so far would be holding a table read of a feature length screenplay I have been writing (off and on) for several years. As I’m sure you’ll see by the smile on my face in many of these pictures (provided by Kaye Williams), I am giddy from being around dear friends and peers as they elevate my words from the page. 

The table read provided a lot of useful, constructive criticisms, hugged by the best feedback I could ask for, being that over all, everyone really likes the story I’m setting out to tell and the characters within it. 

So, while I return to making adjustments regarding those notes and dabble on another idea or two for different projects, I am coming around to the idea that I’m not only an Actor, but an Actor/Writer these days.

I look forward to being able to share more about this particular script as well as the several other ideas I have cooking in due time, but feel free to ask if you're feeling especially curious and/or encouraging.

I'm So Grateful to be able to have been able to share this ever evolving piece with such talented creatives and supportive friends:

Yvonne Cone - @voncone

Monnie Aleahmad - @monniealeahmad

Rosa Procaccino - @rosacappuccino

White (Penny) Leontine - @countryroyalty0330

Eileen Chase -

Courtney Stepleton - @courtneystepletonart Adrianna Gentile - @theadriannagentile

Dan Werlinsky - @dwerlinsky


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