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Updated: Jan 5

Sunset Drive Character Poster of Clayton Stocker Myers

As challenging as the year 2020 proved to be, there were thankfully some good things to come out of it. One such thing was Michael DeLano of COTU Media felt that after working predominantly on the commercial side of production, it was time to get a script he’d been tinkering with off the ground. Said script would be titled Sunset Drive and I can tell you based on my brief experience on set and from the responses from the many festivals and audiences the film has screened for so far, it is quite an indie-darling of independent short films! If you're curious, feel free to get a taste from the trailer below:

FESTIVALS *(As Of This Posting):

- Best Filmmaker (Win)

- Best Short Film (Win)

- Best Set Design (Nom)

- Best Horror/Sci-Fi (Nom)

- Winter Winner


- Best Horror/Sci-Fi (Win)

- Best Short Film (Win)

- Best Sci-Fi (Win)

- Best Director (Win)

- Best Producers (Loan Thach, Michael Thomas DeLano) - (Win)

- Best Actor (Joseph Lopez) - (Win)

- Best Actress (Brittany Marsicek) - (Win)

- Best Supporting Actor (Harry Goodwin’s) - (Win)

- Best Cinematography (Michael Thomas DeLano) -(Win)

- Best Sound Design (Jose Gomez) - (Win)

- Best Production Design (Erica Tenaglia) - (Win)

- Best Trailer - (Win)

- Best Poser - (Win)

- Best Short (Nom)

- Official Selection

- Official Selection

- Best Ensemble (Nom)

- Best Short Film (Win)

- Best Director (Win)

- Best Horror/Sci-Fi Short (Win)

- Best Short Film (Win)

- Best Horror/Sci-Fi Short (Win)

- Best Horror/Sci-Fi Short (Win)

- Official Selection

- Outstanding Acting Performance

- Outstanding Producing

To keep up with the many other Official Festival Selections (and Awards), Follow COTU Media's Instagram Account: COTU Media - @cotumedia


Sunset Drive is a cinematic science fiction western. In the short term future nights are controlled by dark alien predators. An older couple, Thomas and Frankie’s, only means of defense is stolen by desperate marauders just as the sun sets, leaving them to die. But maybe they messed with the wrong couple. Thomas races against the sun to save their lives.


Ryan Jack Connell - Neale - @ryanjackconnell

Harry Goodwins - Young Thomas - @harrygoodwins

Dana Kippel - Summer - @dana.thealien

Joseph Lopez - Thomas - @josephlloydlopez

Brittany Carsick - Young Frankie - @bmarsz

Clayton Stocker Myers - Hugh - @ActorCSM

Kristin Samuelson - Frankie - @kristinwhotalks

Justin Snowball - Sean - @justinsnowball

Danelle Von Visger - Ash - @danellevon


Writer / Director / Executive Producer  - Michael Thomas DeLano - @yasodic

Associate Producer - Olga Chaplinskaya - 

Associate Producer - Nick Parada - @nickparada_

Producer - Loan Thach - @lostone_1981

Make-Up Artist - Autumn Skibinski - @autumnskibinski

Art Department - Erica Tenaglia - @ericalorenatenaglia

First Assistant Camera - Dean Aguirre - @deans_dead

First Assistant Camera - Jacqueline Lehr - @jacquelinelehrrr


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