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I really can’t say how grateful I am to have met Nate while we were both promoting our separate films at the DAM Short Film Festival in 2017 (Nate, for his film House of the Lonesome Human Beings which he wrote and directed. And me for The Jacket, in which I starred). You meet so many people at these events and you hope you’ll be able to keep track of everyone and if you’re really lucky, stay in touch.  Support one another's future endeavors, and in this example, even get to collaborate with each other!

You learn more about Strangers and my experience on this production HERE, but as for the film's festival run, this marked Nate and my's first time being able to attend a screening of Strangers in-person and see the film on a big screen, which was surreal and lovely in all the ways one might hope.

We drove up from LA to attend the Poppy Jasper International Film Festival and were quickly charmed by the town(s) historic streets, restaurants, and especially the Festival's Volunteers! (Nate and I even took in some mini-golf before our screening!)

Best of all was that we were able to connect with the kind people volunteering to make the festival happen as well as the other talented filmmakers, some of whom’s films we even were able to catch. 

Nate and I with the Festival Director - Mattie Scariot

Strangers had screened virtually as part of the DAM Short Film Festival's lineup in 2022, and though we were not able to attend in-person due to Covid Protocols, we were able to participate in a virtural Q&A which you can watch at your leisure HERE.

And of course, feel free to visit the Official IMDb Page for the film to learn more about the people involved in front of and behind the camera!


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