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Photo by: Victoria Rafael

I consider myself a pretty pro-active person with some solid drive towards my passions, goals, etc… I’ve been told many times how hard I work and asked if I ever “take a break”. But now I will deflect that question and silence such accusations by pointing to Writer, Director, Producer, Performer: Victoria Raffle and her seemingly endless efforts towards creative expression, and those accusers will join me in wondering whether I actually do anything at all by comparison.

Vicky is a hurricane of inspiring creative output as listed above. When she’s not creating, she’s scheming her next project/photo shoot, or devouring seminars and interviews on the craft of being a storyteller, actor, filmmaker, dancer, etc…

I only mention everything above because I feel context is required to understand what a feat Vicky achieved when she wrote this charming experimental short script, pulled together a skeleton crew of talented rouges, locked down a location to film, and then cast Eileen Chase and myself in the lead roles of this two-hander which would require us to perform both our own assigned lines. (If that confused you, Good!), and ultimately filmed it all in only a couple of hours!

If you aren’t impressed, I assure you you should be. Even though I gather she wishes she’d done some things differently in retrospect, I will first remind anyone that this whole production was helmed as a learning experiment and so given that there are takeaways only further solidifies the experiment's success in my book.

Centerfold ultimately had it's first live audience screening on Tuesday, December 5th at 8PM at

The Formosa Cafe: @theformosa |

7158 Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90046

This screening was part of the The Night of Shorts Night which takes place on the First Tuesday of Every Month for Free! Centerfold was in good company as it screened with a collection of impressive short films for which many of the filmmakers were present to share some of their behind the scenes experiences.

Written / Directed - @thevictoriarafael

Clayton Stocker Myers - @ActorCSM

Eileen Chase -

Behind The Scenes + Promo Photos Below:


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