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The Last of the Manson Girls - Rosebud

Lonnie Martin taking questions at Rosebud Film Festival

On January 27th at 9:30PM, The Last of the Manson Girls made it's debut screening at the Miracle Theatre in SE Washington D.C. as part of the Rosebud Film Festival.

As the film's director, Lonnie Martin participated in the Q&A after the screening, it became apparent that film was well received and acknowledged for it's production design, cinematography, story, and actors,

Screen Grab of Clayton Stocker Myers as Lenny Bruce in The Last of the Manson Girls

What the director had to say of working with Clayton: "Clayton Stocker Myers came recommended from somebody I trust, but I’ll be damned if I can remember who it was. The whole “Lenny” scene was a can I kept kicking down the road until the bathroom scenes crept up on me and I could put it off no longer. Clayton auditioned from afar via video. I didn’t know him. It was certainly a case of jumping right in bed on the first date. In retrospect, I now know I had nothing to fear. He showed up on set having done a ton of research on Lenny Bruce, and had already crafted a character with layers. I was the least prepared from a shot list point of view for his scene with Elliott Kashner, having burnt all my prep on the big apartment and bathroom set pieces. That was maybe for the best because my job really became capturing what ended up a clinic in scene work by two really good actors firing on all cylinders." - Lonnie Martin

What's Next? According to the director, TLOTMG will continue to make it's festival rounds throughout smaller fests across the nation with hopes of eventually landing on a streaming platform such as Netflix with the main focus being to get the film seen by the as many people as possible.

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