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This is admittedly a bit of a #Throwback kind of post as the original project made it's debut in 2014, nearly a full ten years ago now. I haven't been a part of many music videos through the years. This one in particular came about because my good friend Charlie Anderson was brought on to direct this video and thought of me for this role. I remember the shoot being a smooth one and while I had little interaction with the band members, I recall them all being incredibly nice and openly expressive with their gratitude to the fans and extras who came out to help them make this music video happen.

In all honesty, their genre of music isn't one I often gravitate to off-hand, however after seeing who the band members were as people and understanding what their aims were with this album, especially in regards to this song's intent to connect with those struggling with suicidal thoughts, I can honestly say I became a fan of Famous Last Words. So, why am I mentioning this production now? In some sense, I feel safe to say that I'm proud to be a part of a project that has garnered over 3 Million Views, part of me is simply happy to talk about people I enjoy working with, such as Charlie. However, in this case, my reason for reflecting back on this particular project is comes down to this: In early 2023, I lost someone dear to me to suicide. I will never know the full extent of what drove them to take their own life, but I'll forever live with the gnawing wonder of "why" in the back of my mind. Initially upon learning of their passing, I kept finding myself drifting through the memories we shared along this journey as collaborative peers in the industry and thankfully beyond that, as friends. Drifting to the last conversation, making plans, plotting future adventures in the creative work as well as life. Acknowledging the decade-plus long friendship that evokes a sense of Brotherhood as we navigated the ups and downs of life and work apart and together.

While I am no stranger to grief. I have been on the receiving end of a beating before. I have had my heart broken. The blow that comes from a loss like this is incomparable.

With all of that having been said, IF YOU ARE READING THIS: REMEMBER: You are loved. You are valued. You have purpose beyond today. SUICIDE HOTLINE #: 988


BAND: Famous Last Words

SONG: One in the chamber

ALBUM: Council Of The Dead


Famous Last Words Official Website:

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