It's always a joy when the opportunity to collaborate with someone I admire. Natalie Deryn Johnson easily falls under that category. Not only is she a talented Dancer and Voiceover Artist, but she also has skills both in front of and behind the camera, as evidence to the impromptu photo shoot we did together on a whim while catching up over coffee. While you can certainly scroll through a few of the images below, I most recently added some of the shots we had taken together to the Festivals + Promo Shoot Gallery You can learn more about Natalie and follow her artistic journey via these links: OFFICIAL WEBSITE PHOTOGRAPHY INSTAGRAM PERFORMANCE INSTAGRAM


While both of the films mentioned above are still in post-production, now feels like as good a time as any to announce my involvement with the filming of both Shrapnel in Dunkirk, NY back in April, as well as my participation with the Ape Canyon, which shot in both Maryland, as well as Roselyn, Washington in June. Both productions were great experiences that surrounded me with brilliant artists on each side of the camera. I am choosing to announce these productions in tandem for two reasons. One reason is due to my suspicions that they may both begin their individual journeys to the festival circuit around roughly the same time. But my second reason stems from my desire to share the joy I

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