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Updated: Jan 12

BEHIND THE SCENES: Clayton on-set with his scene partner Daniel Baldwin

This booking was a bit of a whirlwind for me. From my first contact being a call from an old friend seeing whether I was available and interested, to being offered the role, to getting the pages I'd be putting to memory and performing with less than 48hrs to prepare. Still, I have nothing but gratitude for the opportunity to have been able to be a part of this production. What a wonderful way to wrap up 2023 after nearly a full year of picketing than to be shooting two days on a location with fellow creatives.

Having only recently completed filming on this production, there are only so many details I'm aware I have permission to share at this point. Based on the photos, one can at least tell that there is a military component to the story and the film's synopsis: " A US Army medic comes home from the Middle East to get back to a normal existence but constant PTSD nightmares, paranoia, self doubts, deceit, and family conflicts drive her to fight to reclaim her life or give up to a soldiers revenge." - from the film's IMDb Page Rest assured I will continue to post updates on this production, including it's eventual screening, as more details become available to share. In the meantime, feel free to follow the film's Fb Page as well as check out the related links at the bottom of this post. Not to mention a few specific gratitudes I want to share.



Jen Butler - for thinking of and believing in myself and my abilities enough so as to confidently refer me to fill this role. Your friendship of over twelve years is one I always consider myself lucky to have.

Diana Ramos-Santiago Carter - For taking me on for this production based on Jen’s referral.

Sashaa Kerbel - For being the first person to greet me when I arrived on set and setting the tone that this would be a fun and professional shoot. I know you were only a PA on the days I was present for, but I look forward to seeing your work on the screen once the film becomes available for audience eyes. I have no doubt your magnetism will only be further projected.

Kerry Wieder - For your calm and collected energy. I truly enjoyed our conversations regarding LA living, improv, theater and general shop talk. I look forward to keeping up with whatever projects you have coming up.

Turshen Bay - For running lines with me and providing perspective, wisdom, and laughs.

BryantSmith - For your kind words even after the shoot. So glad to know you and am genuinely looking forward to both watching and being inspired by your own growth in this craft, as well towards the day we are able to work together again in the future.

Franky Lankester - For rolling up my sleeves, being a generous scene partner, consultant, and doing your best to make sure I don’t look completely out of place. It isn't a job I’d wish on anyone, but it is one I know is needed and you

John Aivaloglou - For the more than kind words and talking shop about line memorization. I'm glad we had this chance to work with one another!

Andy Ashton - For your consistently positive energy and excitement by all aspects of the work happening around you and the world we were all building together. I'm only sorry I didn't have more time to absorb your good vibes!

Joeseph Di Bari - I know we didn't really have any scenes together, but we were helmet buddies and that is a bond I know can't be broken!

Michael Everett Johnson + Eleftherios Kostans - For welcoming energy, patience, guidance, and supportive words as we powered through the work together!

Daniel Baldwin - For being a wonderful scene partner. For running lines with me between set-ups, for advocating for more coverage and takes when we really found our flow, for your generosity and encouragement that we always bring a little something different/extra to each take. Getting to improvise moments together within the confines of our scenes will always be a favorite moment of mine from 2023.

Oksana Lada - I know our time working together was brief, but I certainly appreciated what we were able to accomplish while working with and off of one another in that time. I felt especially grateful to be able to watch yourself and Franky work on your own scene together and look forward to seeing it translate on the screen.


The list honestly does go on, but these were the immediate takeaways that came to mind based on the people I had the most interactions with in my two days on set. I am looking forward to seeing how the film comes together, but until then, remain grateful for all that I've listed above as well as to have had a chance to not only work as an actor in 2023, but to have been able to work on a production that is made predominantly by Veterans for Veterans Dedicated to bringing awareness & foster positivity around the struggles faced by military with PTSD.


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