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Behind The Scenes Photo with Radford Baker

It's quite possible that this is more so old news than not, but for the sake that I hadn't shared it at the time (NDA's), I thought that it might be worth sharing now that a regional commercial campaign for Apple Federal Credit Union that I was cast in has been making it's rounds on the east coast online, on television, and radio.

In the Voiceover Booth recording the Radio Commercial for AFCU

I really had a great time on this production with a solid crew, a really collaborative director, and as you'll see if you watch any of the videos below, a truly great co-star. I had such a blast playing out this somewhat homage/parody on the old Apple v PC commercials of the early 2000's with Radford Baker, an actor who I can happily admit proved himself more capable than most to make me crack up mid-take.

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