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                         My background in drawing stems primarily from coloring in between the lines of coloring books and sketches my Dad and Brother would draw when we all would pass the time together. I distinctly remember drawing a mouse in 1st grade that looked pretty darn good and feeling a sense of potential there. That practice would ultimately be put into action amidst scribbles and notes as I struggled to pay attention through the rest of my journey through traditional academia.

                          Since then, I've found appreciation for my aesthetic which typically Pilot G-2 Gel Pen to Page, often without any pencil lined preparations. In the past year, I've begun to explore expanding that style using an Apple i-Pad and the Sketch app. Below are some examples of both pen and paper sketches, as well as digital. They range from portraits to posters I've been commissioned to design for up and coming films. 

                          Please feel free to view more images via my Instagram page (@Sketches_By_Clayton) and reach out to me should you be interested in hiring me for commissions of your own.

- Clayton

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