I have been fortunate enough to have been a part of a multitude of excellent productions through the years in pursuit of this acting craft.


A lot of times, these productions reach the end of their editing process and present a small screening for those involved, but never quite make a reach towards the masses.


For the sake that I both feel confident in the storytelling, production value, as well as hold fond memories of my time spent working with the brilliant collaborators involved with the films in this playlist, I've decided to share a select number of short films I feel may not be presented or available to view otherwise.


I'll do my best to provide links to the various talent involved with each of them both in front and behind the camera and perhaps a brief retrospective of my time spent on the set of each film.


While I won't pretend that each of my performances hold next to the other, this is a great opportunity for me to acknowledge my own growth amidst this journey to grow as an actor. It's a delight to have such well captured documentation of said growth.


Films will be posted on a weekly basis, often on a Tuesday.




1. LIFT (available 2/26/19)


2. BLOOD TRAIL (available 3/5/19)

3. MNEMONIC (available 3/18/19)

4. NIMROD (available 9/18/19)

5. THE CITY (available 4/28/20)

6. EMILIE (available 5/5/20)

7. HONEYMOON (available 5/12/20)

8. THE JACKET (available 5/19/20

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